Take Me To The Bridgewater

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Take Me To The Bridgewater is a site-specific artwork along the Bridgewater Canal created with seven young people from the Salford area. This work is a journey into the minds of these young locals, who are taking our histories and making their own futures. Winding along the canal, this work places unfamiliar stories in new… Read more »

Too Much Information

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Too Much Information is an audio walk around the streets of Manchester, based on a series of frank and funny conversations between two groups of people at very different stages of their lives – a group of young adults and a group of over 60s. Posing some seemingly awkward questions, Blast Theory Artist Ju Row… Read more »

Soft Message

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Out of focus photo of a womans face

The conversations use the intermittent, slow motion nature of the interview to explore the things that are rarely said and rarely heard. Most importantly, we hear the voices of people alone, confessing, contemplating, opening up to the absent interviewer. The programme explores the ways in which radio and telephones lend themselves to a certain kind… Read more »

Fixing Point

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A woman lying in the grass

Fixing Point is an audio walk about Seamus Ruddy made in collaboration with electronic musician Clark. This work was first shown at Snape Maltings in Suffolk. The Maltings focus on a programme of classical music in an idyllic rural setting. However the area has a strong military history with experimental installations at Orford Ness and an American nuclear base… Read more »