2097: We Made Ourselves Over

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science fiction project we made ourselves over

  The Process 2097: We Made Ourselves Over explores the belief that everyone has the power to act and influence the future – uncovering the unnerving and exhilarating idea that anything is possible. Inspired by the respective histories of communities in Aarhus and Hull,  Blast Theory worked with dozens of residents, from year 10 students and… Read more »


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Organised by a game mistress or master, it involves four players and five local people within a pre-set game area, where the players can go out alone or with a friend. It lasts for an hour and can be played over and over again by many more people. Players receive tips and a map to… Read more »

My One Demand

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A man smokes a cigarette at dusk

Over the course of a single sunset, as the shadows lengthen, My One Demand takes a slice through Toronto. Starting with a baby in the arms of a woman walking out of Toronto General Hospital, we follow seven people – one at a time – as they move through the city as darkness falls. Each… Read more »


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Over the next week you have calls with Karen once or twice a day. Working from home as a freelancer, it soon becomes clear that Karen is slightly chaotic with few boundaries between her personal and professional lives. She contacts you late at night from her bedroom. She overshares and in return is very nosy… Read more »

Digital Voices

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One of the young performers from My Neck Of The Woods talks to the camera at home, part of the Digital Voices research project

DIVO: Digital Voices unites three European organisations Blast Theory (UK), The Patchingzone (NL) and Translocal (FI) working at the leading edge of digital and interactive media to investigate new ways of working with young people and mobile media. Through research and practical public outcomes, DIVO: Digital Voices provided a platform for meaningful exchange and created… Read more »

The Thing I’ll Be Doing For The Rest Of My Life

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The Thing I'll Be Doing For The Rest Of My Life, photo credit YAMAGUCHI Takayuki

Later a crane lifts the boat onto a lorry at the Nagoya Port and it is driven into the city centre at midnight. Crowds gather to watch along the route and as the lorry arrives at the park, the boats’ final resting place. People bring food and drink, make videos, photos, hang out, worry and… Read more »

Atomic – Performance

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Performers Matt Adams, Nick Tandavanitj and Jamie Iddon

This work was performed twice. First, on the day that Princess Diana died, in a sweltering gallery at the Kunstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. Matt, Ju and Nick were joined by Will Kittow. A second version, in which Jamie Iddon replaced Will was shown at CASCO in Utrecht. In both versions the performers introduced their favourite… Read more »


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Russell is led to safehouse

Kidnap, a work about control and consent, was inspired by the notorious Spanner Trial in which consenting sadomasochists were convicted and sent to prison. The project launched to the press and public on May 15th 1998. Registration was open to any resident of England and Wales. Each entrant paid a fee of £10 and filled… Read more »

Can You See Me Now?

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A performer in Rotterdam

With up to 100 people playing online at a time, players exchange tactics and send messages to the runners. An audio stream from the runner’s walkie talkies allowed you to eavesdrop on your pursuers: getting lost, cold and out of breath on the streets of the city. Can You See Me Now? was the second… Read more »

Uncle Roy All Around You

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Uncle Roy in the limousine

The city is an arena where the unfamiliar flourishes, where the disjointed and the disrupted are constantly threatening to overwhelm us. It is also a zone of possibility; new encounters. Building on Can You See Me Now? the game investigates some of the social changes brought about by ubiquitous mobile devices, persistent access to a… Read more »

Single Story Building, Tate Online

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Single Story Building

In this interactive work, the participant drills through two thousand either/or questions. Starting with the question ‘Urban or Rural?’, the piece moves from the expansive into the cloistered, finally arriving at a secret and private space. Reminiscent of ’10×10′ by Charles and Ray Eames, it uses this swoop in scale to explore the taste of… Read more »

You Get Me

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A performer in a children's playground

A description of the work The development of the work was supported by Caitlin Newton Broad who visited a huge range of community groups, colleges and arts organisations in the East End to invite young people to a series of workshops at the Urban Adventure Base over the summer of 2008. Eight people were chosen… Read more »

I’d Hide You

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A performer poses with the camera rig

I’d Hide You originates from a research project into Outside Broadcasting funded by the Technology Strategy Board. We worked with London TV company Somethin’ Else and the University of Nottingham to develop a low cost interactive platform for Outside Broadcasting. At the end of the twelve months we wanted to create a simple game that… Read more »