You answer the call. A vehicle stops alongside you. A voice asks you to get in.

It’s 2097 and the days of upheaval are over. A new resilience has taken hold.

Three young girls must make a decision which will affect their entire city, as well as members of their own families. The future of the city relies on their ability to embrace the unknown, face the future and act.

2097: We Made Ourselves Over takes you on a journey to the cusp of the next century. Come into a world where consciousness is transferred from the dead to the living. See molecular harvesters destroy cities and rebuild them.

In five short science fiction films – each accompanied by an interactive film for smartphones – and through live events across both Hull and Aarhus, 2097: We Made Ourselves Over explores the belief that everyone has the power to act and influence the future – uncovering the unnerving and exhilarating idea that anything is possible.

Download the app on iOS or Android, watch the films and step into the future now.



2097: We Made Ourselves Over is a new work by Blast Theory as part of Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017 and Hull UK City of Culture 2017.

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