We live in a world where mobile technology pervades our everyday lives. Artists, arts organisations, museums and galleries are increasingly turning to apps and digital methods of presenting content to create engaging, playful experiences.

Over the years Blast Theory have gained a lot of experience in mobile development, most notably in 2015's Karen so we decided to hold a workshop to share the things we've learnt.

This two-day workshop held at the Blast Theory studio in Brighton demystified the process of app creation and explored the roles apps can play in contemporary art. The two days gave a comprehensive overview of mobile development for artists and creative professionals without assuming any experience in the field, whilst also providing a forum for attendees to explore and develop their individual ideas through a series of participatory sessions.

We were really excited by how diverse the group was. A mixture of fine artists, gallery representatives and professionals from cultural and heritage institutions were all in attendance. Over the course of the two days we discussed many different projects in various states of development; these explored issues encompassing death, the formation and dissolution of personal relationships, disability, presence and much, much more. We tried very hard to strike the correct balance between ontological discussion and the dissemination of technical knowledge – this was not easy but we were thrilled with the feedback we received.

“I was really, really happy. I got more insights in these two days than months of previous chats, meetings ect.”

“Incredible, helpful course.”

“It was exactly the balance I was hoping for.”

The workshop was led by Blast Theory’s Technical Lead Alex Peckham, with input from artists Nick Tandavanitj and Matt Adams.

If you are interested in hosting this workshop please contact [email protected]



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