Video still for Atomic - Performance Performer Ju Row FarrPerformers Jamie Iddon and Nick TandavanitjPerformer Jamie IddonPerformer Nick TandavanitjPerformer Ju Row FarrPerformers Jamie Iddon and Nick TandavanitjPerformer Nick TandavanitjPerformer Matt AdamsPerformer Matt AdamsPerformer Ju Row Farr

Four people step out to reveal themselves through ten treasured songs, play acting, sexual exchanges and dancing.

What are your top ten favourite songs of all time?

What are the secrets that you have never told to any other human being?

We want to know. And in return we will tell you our own answers.

Performers Matt Adams and Jamie Iddon

This work was performed twice. First, on the day that Princess Diana died, in a sweltering gallery at the Kunstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. Matt, Ju and Nick were joined by Will Kittow. A second version, in which Jamie Iddon replaced Will was shown at CASCO in Utrecht.

In both versions the performers introduced their favourite songs, jog shuttled some favourite movies on four monitors and asked each other questions. Some were deeply personal, some were about taste. Throughout, the adoption of identities and the judgement of the audience are intertwined.

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