"C'mon baby, Fight! Fight! Fight!" was performed at Milch London on the 4th of April '97 alongside Arthur Lager's "Every Woman's Nightmare"

A 10 minute performance by Matt and Ju for nightclubs.

Darkness. An insistent dog barking in the distance. A drenched man carried dripping onto the stage by a woman and dumped. A flailing series of actions in which both performers throw their arms away from the body, frequently falling to the ground. A true story spoken by the woman about a young boy terrified by seeing Night of the Living Dead. The scientist father calmly explains to the boy that everything inside our heads is within our control and advises him to move the rubbery zombies that loomed at the bedroom window onto bicycles freewheeling down a hill.

Inspired by a sequence in the film The Abyss, where the Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio character dies in order to save the Ed Harris character’s life and is then miraculously brought back to life and by an essay by Ptolemy Tompkins in Screen Violence, C’mon Baby Fight! Fight! Fight! was performed in Capture an evening of film and performance at Milch in London in 1997 and at Club Spotter in Trans Europa, Hildesheim, Germany in 1997.

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