Internal Ammunition

An immersive performance by students pushing themselves and their audience.

In an age of self examination and self criticism Internal Ammunition looks for the point between blaming ourselves and blaming others. Can we convert those secret reservoirs of personal frustration into a force for change?

Drawing on intimate video interviews and circuit training, Internal Ammunition is a promenade performance fuelled by nervous energy, dance floor moves and an uncompromising challenge to each audience member.

Made over a period of 12 weeks in collaboration with 3rd year degree students at Melton Mowbray College the resulting performance happened twice only and veered between being raw and confrontational, through to sensitive and vulnerable. It used direct confrontations with the audience, classic House tracks and stomping choreographic sequences performed in unison by the whole cast.

It was made with a group of people at a time in their lives, where the world feels like your oyster, where you are the centre of the universe and yet somehow things are a bit fucked up or out of kilter.

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