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We'll take your history and make our future.

This is not an audio tour. This is not a fact-finding mission. This is a journey into the minds of young people from the area and an exploration of the future they see.

Take Me To The Bridgewater is a site-specific artwork along the Bridgewater Canal created with seven young people from the Salford area.

This work is a journey into the minds of these young locals, who are taking our histories and making their own futures. Winding along the canal, this work places unfamiliar stories in new places, exploring somewhere that has inspired ideas that have transformed the world today.

Blast Theory artist Ju Row Farr set out to encourage the young people to explore their own histories –who is important in their lives and what are their stories? How will their own history be shaped? From their own stories to flights of fantasy, what are the stories of the Bridgewater Canal today and what might have happened there before? Part meander, part secret hunting; these reflections have been woven into a unique story set against the backdrop of this beautiful part of Salford.

Pick up a smart phone from the starting location of Worsley Village Library and set off to discover these recordings hidden along the canal and around the picturesque village of Worlsey.


Take Me To The Bridgewater is a new work by Blast Theory. It was commissioned by Salford City Council, celebrating the Salford stretch of the world famous Bridgewater Canal.

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