Participants at workshop at University at Buffalo in September 2013

So we’ve been in Buffalo at University at Buffalo for about a week working with a fantastic and smart group of people in media studies, visual studies and theatre studies courtesy of the lovely Mark Shepard and Sarah Bay-Cheng. We also did a lecture and studio visits and broke down Ulrike And Eamon Compliant into its’ minute details.

Our interest in cars reappeared, as if it didn’t go away in an exercise that lead to one of the participants rummaging through the boot (or trunk) of another participant.

Car parks at night,  scented trees hanging in your car window, blistered and cracked tarmac. Bigger skies closer to the ground than in Europe, a terrain that is flatter, so much more space.  Not so many pedestrians, going for a walk is not the thing, but it became our thing, it’s always been one of our things.

And a fantastic site visit to Silo City with Rick and Jim, Sarah, Diego and Mark. It has been used in the last couple of years for cultural events and maybe we might be able to come up with an idea that we could make especially for here. Watch this space.

Silo City, Buffalo



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