Blast Theory volunteer Julian Hyde with associate artist Becky Edmunds

Volunteer With Us

About the Volunteer Programme

Our volunteer programme is an opportunity for those embarking on a career in the arts to have first-hand experience working with an artists company.

Blast Theory is a small team of 11 people who work closely with each other to deliver a wide range of projects in a fast paced environment.

Our programme gives volunteers the opportunity to work in some of the following areas:

  • Production and touring
  • Technical development
  • Filming and editing
  • Archiving
  • Creative development
  • Testing and preparing equipment
  • Administration
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Events

The working hours are Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm, working at our studio in Portslade, Brighton. During busy touring periods travel nationally and internationally may be required but further expenses will be covered.

To find out what our previous volunteers worked on during their time with us head over to our Volunteers page or check out the quotes below:

“My time at Blast Theory was a brilliant education, and, after being given a huge range of real responsibility and respect, I felt truly valued as a volunteer. ”

– Harvey Herman


“The most enjoyable experience was the film shoot for the project Counterproductive. With actors, spy cameras, bolt cutters and unwitting members of the public, it may have been the most exciting working week I have ever had…My work as a volunteer was greatly varied and gave me a good idea of where my skills lie. Artist Ju Row Farr gave me some valuable mentoring in my professional development.”

– Oscar Maydon


“They really took the time to find out what skills I wanted to gain from the internship, and set up one to one meetings with everyone in the team to help with career advice.”

– Hannah Williams-Walton


“I was set to work testing the logic of performance pieces, scouting routes, overseeing the everyday running of A Machine to See With for the Brighton Digital Festival (which included chatting to a police officer about suspicious car park behaviour), marketing, archiving, sourcing materials, general administrative duties, sitting in and occasional chiming in on creative meetings such as Ghostwriter and the Red Cross commission, meeting other artists, visiting associate companies, getting my hands on video editing, a photo shoot at Exeter, and rummaging through their various books and video materials. Every task I completed while volunteering has informed my future work.”

– Sandra Carluccio

Mentoring and Professional Development

Our Artists’ Assistant, Sarah, manages volunteers but as we are a small team they may have the chance to work closely with other staff members or the artists.

Blast Theory staff and artists also offer mentoring sessions to volunteers, to provide advice and support with career direction and professional development. This can be anything from learning about editing and video production with Sarah to talking through one of your own projects with one of the artists.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for ambitious volunteers who are eager to expand their skillset and learn about working in the creative industry in a variety of roles. We welcome volunteers from diverse backgrounds, with a variety of interests and at any stage of their career.

During their time with us, each volunteer is given a clear focus to support the development and delivery of a diverse range of projects. Volunteers become a part of the Blast Theory team and it is vital that they are good at both working with others and independently.

We appreciate adaptable volunteers who work hard, take initiative and have a keen eye for detail.


How to apply

If you would like apply to volunteer with us in 2018 please email Sarah at [email protected] If you aren’t looking to apply for this year  or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to make sure you don’t miss our next call out.