A performer walks through the water projection

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Blast Theory is a registered charity (no. 1053343). We rely on support from sponsors, partners and people like you to make our work.

We are passionate about our ambitious projects and the education work we do. If you like what we do and want to see more, please consider making a donation to support our work.

We guarantee that every donation made to Blast Theory directly supports our artistic practice and education programme.

however much you like, no matter how modest it may seem, each donation really does help. If you can give a recurring amount, that is even more precious to us. Every donation we receive is a cause for celebration, recurring ones may trigger euphoria.

For an informal discussion about making a donation, or to discuss different sponsorship opportunities, please contact me, Kirsty Jennings.

You can support Blast Theory in a number of other ways too. You can follow us through our social media channels to keep informed of what we’re up. You can follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook. We also have a where we send regular updates for all of our activity.

Get hands on

We run a regular volunteer programme where we invite people starting out on their careers to come and help us out for up to 3 months. We try and make the volunteer programme an interesting and rewarding experience although we can’t promise there won’t be at least one occasion where you will go to the post office.

By becoming one of Our Friends Electric you can help us telling us what you think of our work and get free access to additional downloadable content. As a Friend, you can also sign up to be a Blast Theory Beta tester. You will receive invitations to the studio or where ever we happen to be working to test projects. We might also ask you to test projects online or on your mobile. So if you’ve always thought, “I’d really like to repeatedly test a fledgling interactive art project via the internet”, then we have what you need.