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If you want to play a part in shaping our ambitious projects, please consider supporting us. If you are a UK taxpayer please consider donating using Gift Aid. This does not cost you anything extra but adds approximately 25% to the value of your donation.

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As an artist led company we rely on funding from a variety of sources to be able to carry out our work. As a National Portfolio Organisation, we receive support from the Arts Council each year but around 60% of our annual funding comes from other sources, including people like you.

Brilliant. Thought provoking. Original. Incredibly well produced. I’ve never been to an immersive theatre production before. It’s so much more exciting than being a passive part of the audience. (…) As well as being entertaining it made you question the role of surveillance in a democratic society, both the pros and cons of it, in a (…) subtle way.”


Audience member, Operation Black Antler (2016)

We will use your money in the following ways:

  • To fund groundbreaking new projects such as Operation Black Antler, a location-specific interactive production we are developing with Hydrocracker. Operation Black Antler invites each member of the public to take on the identity of an undercover police officer and prepare to penetrate a gig held in aid of a far-right splinter group.
  • To help sustain our volunteering programme. Blast Theory volunteers get a valuable opportunity to kickstart their career in the arts and work in a wide range of areas from production and touring to creative development and marketing. We pay volunteers a daily stipend of £20 towards expenses.
  • To help us to continue running our residency programme at our studio, inviting artists from around the world to come and develop their work.

My time at Blast Theory was a brilliant education, and after being given a huge range of real responsibility and respect, I felt truly valued as a volunteer.


Harvey Herman

For a limited time only, to further enable us to achieve our ambitious plans, Arts Council England will generously match your donation pound for pound so there has never been a better time to support Blast Theory.

No matter how modest it may seem, we are extremely grateful for your support. If you can give a recurring amount, that is even more precious to us. Every contribution we receive is a cause for celebration – recurring ones may trigger euphoria.

Become a Patron

If you want something special, we offer the opportunity to become a Blast Theory patron. We build an individual relationship with all our patrons and offer bespoke benefits in return. If you are interested in becoming a patron, please contact Business Director Kirsty Jennings for an initial chat.

Other ways to support us

There are other ways to support Blast Theory:

If you are a UK tax payer and would like Blast Theory to benefit from Gift Aid, please select the payment option with Gift Aid when you donate online. Gift Aid allows us to reclaim from HMRC 25p for every £1 donated at no additional cost to you.