Apply for a Residency

We invite applications for our residency programme towards the end of each year, please or follow us on social media to receive notification.

About the residency programme

This unique Residency Programme is initiated and run by the artists in Blast Theory. It aims to provide a space and uninterrupted time for residents to research and develop new work in a supportive environment for between one to three months. We give priority to artists looking for a longer residency period as we feel these are the most beneficial and allow the time and space for meaningful development of ideas.

For us, the residency was the first real opportunity we had as artists to dig deep into the why’s, how’s and what if’s of our practice. Having a place to hibernate, without the emotional vacillations brought on by over-exposure to other people, gave us the focus to really develop. 14 months on, we are still reaping the benefits. Sometimes, space and creative support are all you need – and, without us even really knowing that we needed it, Blast Theory provided that. Their expertise, enthusiasm and open-minded approach to how we needed to operate gave us the impetus to move forwards into a genuinely new space.

May Abdalla and Amy Rose, Anagram


Residency support

Blast Theory encourages debate and exchange with residents throughout the residency. We can offer the following and take our lead from the needs of each resident:

  • Scheduled mentoring session with a Blast Theory artist if required
  • Professional advice and networking
  • Insights into the company’s history, practice, research & development activities, working methods, business structure and artistic structure – through inclusion in creative and business meetings as and when appropriate
  • A presentation of the residents’ work in progress or practice to Blast Theory
  • Access to equipment and resources

All support can be tailored and focused on individual needs and in the past this has included running game tests, works in progress and talks. We strive to provide a warm, welcoming and creative environment.

Residents are required to write a short summary of their residency, which may be published on Blast Theory’s website. You are invited to blog during your residency which will be shared through Blast Theory’s social networks and with your blessing we will make a short video of your stay.

We also have a studio dog, Greta, who can be described as over friendly.

This residency was a life-changing experience for me, enabling an extended period to dedicate myself to my work as an artist. In that time, I made a lot of progress, built connections to the leading artists in my field, and returned to Australia with a solid concept for a public artwork of scale. In so doing, I feel like after 17 years of working as an ‘emerging’ artist, I have transitioned into my ‘mid-career’.

Robert Walton

About the studio and 20 Wellington Road

20 Wellington Road is a renovated Victorian icehouse in Portslade, overlooking Shoreham Harbour in Brighton, United Kingdom.

The residency studio space is 3.1m x 4.6m with a large south facing window opening onto the wharf. A small bedsit is also provided which is suitable for one person or a couple, with a window opening onto an internal corridor. Residents have use of the communal project room to try out larger work, the communal shower room, the communal kitchen, outdoor terraces and a bicycle.

Both the studio and the bedsit are situated inside Blast Theory’s working studio, we also have two studios used by local artists and designers. It is a busy building and the communal spaces are used by all.

The building is easily accessible by bus and train from London and has free on street parking nearby. Gatwick airport is 40 minutes by train, London is 70 minutes. The building is wheelchair accessible during office hours (10am to 6pm Monday to Friday).

Criteria for Applying

The Residency Programme is aimed at everyone working in similar fields of research and practice to Blast Theory.

Applicants should have an established background in their respective fields and should be able to demonstrate how a residency period at Blast Theory will assist the development of your research and practice.

We are interested in residents who are engaged with the work of Blast Theory – either at an informal level or more formally as a research residency.

Expressions of interest are especially welcomed from individuals working in the following fields:

  • Pervasive and location based gaming and interactive media
  • The use of mobile and portable devices in cultural and artistic practice
  • Games design and theory
  • Narrative design and all forms of digital story telling
  • Video streaming as artistic practice
  • Interdisciplinary and live art practice
  • Experimental and immersive theatre, live art and performance

We aim to support emerging artists and artists based locally where possible.


The Residency Programme is managed by Blast Theory who undertake the upkeep and maintenance of the building. We ask that residents pay a nominal fee of £100 per week to cover these running costs. We are able to subsidise a maximum of one residency per year through our bursary scheme based on financial need. If you wish to apply for a bursary please outline your circumstances and demonstrate your need in your application. Priority will be given to full time artists on low incomes.

When I applied for 20 Wellington Road, I imagined it as an opportunity to take some time and space, gather a few collaborators from around Europe, and “jam” on a particular manifestation of my artistic research in smell and interaction. Well, it was undoubtedly that. But perhaps even more crucially, my residency was a two-month object lesson in how one can live and work as part of a practising artist’s group. Seeing Blast Theory in action every day, taking care of each other and making great work with gentle dedication, was just as valuable to my practice, and my life, as were the infrastructural and technical support of their team. I strongly recommend the 20 Wellington Road residency to any artist or artist group seeking a dose of practical and soulful inspiration.

Heather Kelley