Volunteer – Janet Howe


(UK) January 2020
About Janet
Janet K Howe is a London based, international immersive, interactive, and site-specific director, creator, consultant and producer.

Intern – James Shreeve

Artist James Shreeve

(UK) August – November 2019

About James
James, an autistic artist works under pseudonyms which often involve stripy big cats fused with a science fiction motif which permutes through to his artistic practice, with twin obsessions of patterns and narrative encapsulating his work.

Volunteer – Keziah Keeler


(UK) June – September 2019
About Keziah
Keziah has previously worked and volunteered in various installation projects in galleries which has helped her to see how important it is to view art as a changing and developing process, starting from initial catalysts and ideas, through to setting things up and then taking on board responses.

Volunteer – Leonardo Lami

leonardo lami volunteer

(IT) March – June 2019
About Leonardo
Leonardo is a digital artist, video maker and likes to tell stories.

Intern – Violeta Marchenkova

Black and white photo of a young woman with dark blond hair. She is outside a house and is wearing a bomber jacket.

October – November 2018
About Violeta
Violeta’s creative practice stems from her academic background in art history and an interest in postcolonial, queer and feminist theories.

Intern – Teddy Freeman

A young man sitting on a large rock in a cove. He is holding a video camera.

(UK) September – October 2018
About Teddy
Teddy is a recent graduate from The School of Film & Television at Falmouth University.

Katrine Jensen

Blast Theory, Aarhus 2017.
O Space at Aarhus Harbour and Aarhus Cyklebane.
Photo: Asbjørn Sand

(DK) August 2018 – March 2019
About Katrine
Katrine has always been fascinated by storytelling, particularly sharing life and ideas across the world, connecting through art.

Daniel Taaffe


(UK) January – February 2018
About Daniel
Daniel Taaffe is studying BA Hons Media Studies at the University of Brighton.

Anna-Maria Pego Pineiro

Gift Project App Development

(UK) August 2017 – August 2018
About Anna
Anna-Maria Pego Pineiro is studying BA Theatre and Performance studies at Guildford School of Acting and  completed her placement year as a Blast Theory volunteer.

Mairead Garland

Mairead at the front of house desk for Take Me To The Bridgewater

(UK) January – August 2017
About Mairead
As I am still an Undergraduate, I am always exploring new and different forms of Theatre so that I am able to find out more about myself as an artist.

Jack Lowe


(UK) November – December 2016
About Jack

Jack is a recent MA graduate in Cities and Cultures from Queen Mary University of London, having previously read Geography at the University of Cambridge.

Rebecca Archer

(UK) September – October 2016
About Rebecca
I am drawn to artistic mediums that use the audience in an socially engaging way.

Kaylene Kau

(US/TW) July – August 2016
About Kaylene
Kaylene is an Industrial Designer by training, which means she makes physical products that solve problems.

Rimas Ribaciauskas

(LT) May – June 2016
About Rimas
Rimas works as a Producer for Lithuanian National Theatre.

Tom Fletcher

(UK) February – April 2016
About Tom
Tom is a recent graduate from the BA (Hons) European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College in South London.

Rosa Carbo-Mascarell

Rosa Carbo-Mascarell

(SP) November-December 2015
About Rosa
Rosa is a recent graduate from the MA in Digital Games: Theory and Design from Brunel University London.

Cash Wood


(UK) July – August 2015
About Cash
Cash is an Illustrator from Northern Ireland, who studied at the University of Brighton.

Katie Dale-Everett

Katie Dale-Everett

(UK) April – June 2015
About Katie
Katie Dale-Everett is a freelance dance artist working within the fields of choreography, teaching and performing.

Alice Green

Alice Green

(UK) April-May 2015
About Alice
Alice Green’s creative work is mainly with photography.

Sophie Dixon

Sophie Dixon, Blast Theory resident artist

(UK) January – February 2015
About Sophie
Sophie’s work has research themes at its heart, and uses writing, drawing, audio and video to articulate the process.

Dan Ian Shay

Dan Shay Brighton Digital Festival Resident

(UK): November – December 2014

About Dan
Dan is an artist whose practice addresses the impact of technology on our society, investigating the increasingly blurring boundaries between the real and the virtual.

Matias Daporta Gonzalez

Matias Daporta, volunteer with Blast Theory in 2014

(SP): August – October 2014
About Matias
Matias studied choreography, theatre and filmmaking at SNDO, university for choreography and performance art in Amsterdam.

Liat Wassershtrom

Liat Wassershtrom, Blast Theory volunteer 2014

(ISR): June – July 2014
About Liat
Liat completed her BA in Contemporary Media Practice at the University of Westminster in 2013, where she focussed on new media projects that included live experiences and interactive art.

Vanessa Santos

Volunteer Vanessa Santos

(BRA): March – May 2014
About Vanessa
Vanessa was born in Brazil but is living in Spain, where she is doing a PhD at Pompeu Fabra University.

Harvey Herman

Harvey Herman, I'd Hide You at Sheffield Doc/Fest

(UK): June – July 2013
About Harvey
Harvey is a designer and film-maker, whose personal work tends to explore our emotional connection to spaces, in particular those that are lost or widely neglected.

Oscar Maydon

Oscar Maydon at Stanmer House for Fixing Point 2013

(UK): April – May 2013

Oscar’s first encounter with Blast Theory was in 2007 when he strolled into Lighthouse Brighton to take part in Day Of The Figurines.

Grant Moxom

Grant Moxom

(AUS): October – December 2012
About Grant
Grant is a performance and media artist from Sydney Australia working with interactive forms in order to increase agency and encourage a playful disregard for warranties and social norms.

Hannah Williams-Walton

Hannah Williams Walton

(UK): January – February 2012
About Hannah
Hannah is a graduate of Drama with Creative Writing at the University of the West of England.

Sandra Carluccio

Sandra Carluccio

(AUS): August – October 2011

Sandra Carluccio applied for an Internship in July 2010 round and spent 10 weeks with Blast Theory in 2011.

Lukus Robbins

Lukus Robbins

(UK): June – July 2011

Lukus first met Blast Theory in Falmouth (Cornwall) where he volunteered for front of house and technical work on the presentation of Rider Spoke at Falmouth University in March 2011.

Emilie Giles

Emilie Giles

(UK): January – February 2011

Whilst studying for an MA at Goldsmiths in 2010, Emilie Giles attended a Guest Lecture by Blast Theory Executive Producer Julianne Pierce.

Serena Osti

Serena Osti

(ITA): October – December 2010
About Serena
My foundation studies are an interdisciplinary BA in graphic and product design at Bolzano/Bozen, a small trilingual university in South Tyrol (German-speaking region in the Northern Italy).