Black and white photo of a young woman with dark blond hair. She is outside a house and is wearing a bomber jacket.

October – November 2018

About Violeta

Violeta’s creative practice stems from her academic background in art history and an interest in postcolonial, queer and feminist theories. She enjoys creating experimental films and moving image pieces that place value on filmmaking as an act, an event, a performance while being mindful of networks of relations these acts generate in the real world. She has formal training in documentary filmmaking and often document things around her on her iPhone to piece those impressions together in short cinematic poems or essays.

She is a recent graduate of the University of Sussex with a first class degree in BA Art History & Film Studies and a master’s degree with distinction in Digital Documentary.

Nowadays, she works with art communities and venues in Brighton as a core member of Devil’s Dyke Network — a collective that puts together bi-monthly shows of queer feminist poetry/art/performances, as well as organising writing workshops for the local community.

Why Blast Theory?

For me, Blast Theory’s body of work exemplifies ideals of aesthetically progressive and socially engaged art that I aspire to as a cultural activist and an artist. Refusing to impose a line between activism, academia, filmmaking and fine art could be challenging and confusing, so I am drawn to learn more about the experimental and interdisciplinary approach at the heart of Blast Theory.

About her internship

Two weeks after the action-packed full-on film set experience volunteering as a runner for Bloodyminded, I finally joined the Blast Theory team in the office as a paid intern (something I’ve been looking forward to since this Summer). Coming to 20 Wellington Road to work has been as iconic, joyous and inspiring as I hoped. You easily notice Blast Theory’s long standing experience with volunteer development programmes; every day I felt unconditional support, reassuring encouragement, and willingness to accommodate my needs and talents in the best possible way. There has been a lot of educational/ instructional blocks and unique opportunities for learning, and even simply spending time surrounded by Blast Theory’s beautiful team, associate artists, and rich archive of work taught me new experiences and ideas.