Gifting in Museums: Using Multiple Time Orientations to Heighten Present-Moment Engagement

Attention Please! Changing Modes of Engagement in Device-Enabled One-to-One Performance Encounters

I’d Hide You: Performing Live Broadcasting in Public

Fictionality and Ontology: Ulrike and Eamon Compliant by Dr. Alison Gibbons

Proximity and Alienation: Narratives of City, Self, and Other in the Locative Games of Blast Theory

Performance-Led Research in the Wild

Act Natural: Instructions, Compliance and Accountability in Ambulatory Experiences

Creating the Spectacle – Designing Interactional Trajectories through Spectator Interfaces

Locating Experience – Touring a Pervasive Performance

Lessons from Touring a Location-Based Experience

Flypad: Designing Trajectories in a Large-Scale Permanent Augmented Reality Installation

The Documentation and Archiving of Mixed Media Experiences: the Case of Rider Spoke

Technology Transfer Present and Futures in the Electronic Arts

Guess A Who, Why, Where, When?: The Visualization of Context Data to Aid the Authoring and Orchestration of a Mobile Pervasive Game

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Day of the Figurines – A Slow Narrative-Driven Game for Mobile Phones Using Text Messaging

Day of the Figurines: Supporting Episodic Storytelling on Mobile Phones

Blast Theory – The Politics and Aesthetics of Interactivity by Natasha Lushetich

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Pervasive Presence: Blast Theory’s Day Of The Figurines

Can You See Me Now?

The Design And Experience Of The Location-Based Performance Uncle Roy All Around You

SuperGaming: Ubiquitous Play and Performance for Massively Scaled Community

Designing Cross Media Games

The Frame of The Game: Blurring the Boundary between Fiction and Reality in Mobile Experiences

I like Frank: A Mixed Reality Game for 3G Phones

Designing Interfaces for Public Places

Uncle Roy All Around You: Implicating the City in a Location-Based Performance

Orchestrating a Mixed Reality Game ‘On the Ground’

The Error of Our Ways: The Experience of Self-Reported Position in a Location-Based Game

The Threshold of the real: A Site for Participatory Resistance in Blast Theory’s Uncle Roy All Around You by Kate Adams

Informing the Evaluation of Can You See Me Now? in Rotterdam

Coping with Uncertainty in a Location-Based Game

Uncle Roy All Around You: Mixing Games and Theatre on the City Streets

Where On-Line Meets On-The-Streets: Experiences with Mobile Mixed Reality Games

The Social Life of Uncle Roy: Executive Summary

Provoking Reflection Through Artistic Games

The Design and Experience of the Location-Based Performance Uncle Roy All Around You

Ambiguity as a Resource for Design

The Cooperative Work of Gaming: Orchestrating a Mobile SMS Game

Computer Supported Collaborative Play

Staging and Evaluating Public Performances as an Approach to CVE Research

Pushing Mixed Reality Boundaries

A Guide to Good Practice in Collaborative Working Methods and New Media Tools Creation

Article exploring the documentation of site specific work using Desrt Rain as an example.

Towards a Citywide Mixed Reality Performance