I’d Hide You: Performing Live Broadcasting in Public

Fictionality and Ontology: Ulrike and Eamon Compliant by Dr. Alison Gibbons

Proximity and Alienation: Narratives of City, Self, and Other in the Locative Games of Blast Theory

Performance-Led Research in the Wild

Act Natural: Instructions, Compliance and Accountability in Ambulatory Experiences

Creating the Spectacle – Designing Interactional Trajectories through Spectator Interfaces

Locating Experience – Touring a Pervasive Performance

Lessons from Touring a Location-Based Experience

Flypad: Designing Trajectories in a Large-Scale Permanent Augmented Reality Installation

The Documentation and Archiving of Mixed Media Experiences: the Case of Rider Spoke

Technology Transfer Present and Futures in the Electronic Arts

Guess A Who, Why, Where, When?: The Visualization of Context Data to Aid the Authoring and Orchestration of a Mobile Pervasive Game

Professor Tanda: Greener Gaming And Pervasive Play

Day of the Figurines – A Slow Narrative-Driven Game for Mobile Phones Using Text Messaging

Day of the Figurines: Supporting Episodic Storytelling on Mobile Phones

Blast Theory – The Politics and Aesthetics of Interactivity by Natasha Lushetich

Day Of The Figurines by Gabriella Giannachi

Addressing Mobile Phone Diversity in Ubicomp Development

Rider Spoke and New Frontiers in Performance

Supporting the Spectacle: Extending the Scope of the Tangible Interface

Can You See Me Now?

The Presence Project: Introduction Blast Theory by Gabriella Giannachi

The Design And Experience Of The Location-Based Performance Uncle Roy All Around You

Designing Cross Media Games

The Frame of The Game: Blurring the Boundary between Fiction and Reality in Mobile Experiences

I like Frank: A Mixed Reality Game for 3G Phones

Designing Interfaces for Public Places

Uncle Roy All Around You: Implicating the City in a Location-Based Performance

Orchestrating a Mixed Reality Game ‘On the Ground’

The Error of Our Ways: The Experience of Self-Reported Position in a Location-Based Game

The Threshold of the real: A Site for Participatory Resistance in Blast Theory’s Uncle Roy All Around You by Kate Adams

Coping with Uncertainty in a Location-Based Game

Uncle Roy All Around You: Mixing Games and Theatre on the City Streets

Where On-Line Meets On-The-Streets: Experiences with Mobile Mixed Reality Games

The Social Life of Uncle Roy: Executive Summary

Provoking Reflection Through Artistic Games

The Design and Experience of the Location-Based Performance Uncle Roy All Around You

Ambiguity as a Resource for Design

The Cooperative Work of Gaming: Orchestrating a Mobile SMS Game

Staging and Evaluating Public Performances as an Approach to CVE Research

Pushing Mixed Reality Boundaries

A Guide to Good Practice in Collaborative Working Methods and New Media Tools Creation

Article exploring the documentation of site specific work using Desrt Rain as an example.

Towards a Citywide Mixed Reality Performance