March: Springy Open Pot Luck

A woman holding a wooden box in a workshop.

🗓️ 6-8pm, Wednesday 27 March

📍 Blast Theory Studio

🎫 Free entry

Spring is near and things are opening, so let that be us too!

This next Pot Luck is all about new ideas or ideas that you are trying to develop.

Cat Royale tour continues

Cat Royale by Blast Theory. Image Credit RULER

Cat Royale is heading to Wales Millennium Centre.

January Pot Luck: Light Making

A smiling white women, wearing a cap and glasses. Holding an orange lamp in one hand and the plug socket in the other.

🗓️ 6-9pm, Wednesday 24 January
📍 Blast Theory Studio
🎫 Free entry

Out of the darkness we bring you Pot Luck: Light Making with recycled, upcycled (presents?) and re-used materials.

Introducing the recipients of The Jamie Iddon Award

Top left: Bea Bidault | Top right: Blaise Peters
Bottom left: Ken Nakajima | Bottom right: Flo Yuting Zhu

Find out more about the recipients of The Jamie Iddon Award

Where were you in 1997?

By Nick Tandavanitj
A performer interviewing a member of the public in Safehouse

“It’s not ‘natural’ to speak well, eloquently, in an interesting, articulate way.

Holding audiences to account

By Nick Tandavanitj
A woman in the city at night is about to record a message on a headset

“Questions and answers depend on a game – a game that is at once pleasant and difficult – in which each of the two partners takes pains to use only the rights given him by the other and by the accepted form of dialogue.

November Pot Luck

Get your making chops on, we will be making Kimchi!

Learn how to make it or share your skills with others, but you will go away with food that is spicy and good for the gut, a recipe card and of course a warm glow.

Apply now: The Jamie Iddon Award for emerging artists

Download a large text version of this webpage here
Download an audio version of this webpage here

We are very proud to announce a great opportunity for emerging artists.

Studio space available to rent at 20 Wellington Road

A white room with shelving and a chair

We have a vacancy for a new studio tenant at our building in Portslade, Brighton.

Ju Row Farr leaves Blast Theory

Having co-founded Blast Theory in 1991, Ju Row Farr has decided to leave the group in October.

A message from Ju

By Ju Row Farr

I am turning my tanker around and I don’t know where I will be heading exactly or even what my tanker might look like.

I could ask you anything

By Nick Tandavanitj

Ju has been at the heart of Blast Theory since the very beginning, so with Ju’s move to creating work independently, it seemed like a good time to think about how Blast Theory ticks.

Pot Luck Takeover: Ray Adams Row Farr

Join Ray Adams Row Farr as she hosts a unique Pot Luck Takeover on Wednesday 6 September.

Apply now: Studio and Production Assistant

We’re grateful to have received support from the Mo Siewcharran Fund for a new Studio and Production internship starting in October.

Pot Luck Takeover: Simon James & Angus Carlyle


Join Simon James and Angus Carlyle as they host a very special Pot Luck on Wednesday 26 July. They’ll be sharing some sounds recordings from their visits to the port and will be talking about their plans for this exhibition. What better location than overlooking the port itself?

Studio space available to rent at 20 Wellington Road

We have a vacancy for a new studio tenant at our building in Portslade, Brighton.

Take part in accessibility testing in Manchester

An older white women, cropped down the side of her face. Staring up past the camera, up into the distance.

We’re looking for people to help test the accessibility of our latest work, We Cut Through Dust.

Cat Royale heads to Science Gallery London

Cat Royale by Blast Theory. Credit: Stephen Daly.

21 June 2023 – 20 January 2024, Free Entry 

Cat Royale returns as part of Science Gallery London’s latest exhibition, AI: Who’s Looking After Me?

Artist Resident 2023: Odirile Khune Motsiri

We’re really pleased to welcome artist Odirile Khune Motsiri to the studio for a four-week residency as part of Culture ConneX, a unique multi-disciplinary arts programme produced by Urbanflo in partnership with Brighton Fringe.

Rider Spoke travels across The 66

Having performed in over 28 countries worldwide, Rider Spoke is back for a spring tour to Keswick, Darlington and Redcar as part of Eden Arts’ The 66 project.

Our latest work heads to Manchester International Festival

We’re thrilled to be joining an incredible lineup at this year’s Manchester International Festival.

Artist talk: Sigrún Gyða Sveinsdóttir

Join our latest artist in residence, Sigrún Gyða Sveinsdóttir, for an artist talk on Tuesday 14th March.

Apply now: Cat Royale Video Editor

We are looking for a freelance Video Editor to work on one of our most ambitious projects yet.

Apply now: Cat Royale Production Assistant

We are looking for a Production Assistant to work on one of our most ambitious projects yet.

Apply now: two freelance opportunities on Cat Royale

OBS Studio Technician (up to 4 days, up to £800 + VAT)
Vision Mixer (14 days, £2,800 + VAT)

Apply now: Cat Royale volunteer runner

Apply now: Cat Royale volunteer runner

Are you into tech, cats or both? Have you ever wanted to work with artists?

Cat Royale Tour Announced

Cat Royale gets its world premiere this March at the World Science Festival in Brisbane.

Cat Royale’s Audience Advisory Panel

By Ju Row Farr

As a part of Cat Royale, we have engaged an Audience Advisory Panel who are coming along with us on this journey, as we try to work out and develop the complex nest of subjects that is the project.

Artist Resident 2023: Sigrún Gyða

This month Blast Theory welcomed Icelandic artist Sigrún Gyða to the studio.

Work with us on Cat Royale: computer vision expert

We’re looking for a computer vision expert to join the Cat Royale team.

Cat Royale: help us tag cat activity

Can you teach an AI what a happy cat looks like? Help us by tagging cat activity for our latest project, Cat Royale.

Meet the creatives from our 2022 Studio Space programme

This year, we opened our studio space to 14 local artists and makers:

Amber Gibbins, Violeta Marchenkova, Rikki Tarascas, Emma Lindsay, Joel O’Donoghue, Lady Helena Vortex, Chiron Stamp, Shani Kantor, Anna Weatherston, Seren Oroszvary, Jane Glenzinska, Kelly Vassie, Andrés Saenz de Sicilia and Natalie Scott.

Complete our Annual Audience Survey

Yellow square with black text that reads in capital letters: we're giving away a £100 gift voucher. And you get to choose how to spend it. Fancy winner? Complete our audience survey now.

If you were here this time last year, you’ll remember this little skit…

Last year I invited our audiences to fill in an audience survey.

December Pot Luck

Join us for the last Pot Luck of the year where we’ll be looking at gifting – what does it mean, who is it for and what can we learn from sharing/giving away? We’re inviting you to come along in true Pot Luck style and bring what you can to eat and to share, plus for this one please bring something to gift or give to someone else – it can be a thing, an idea, a story, an hour of your time or anything else you think you can share.

Need a space to work this December?

This December, we’re opening up our studio for you creatives to get your work done.

The things that made us: Streaming

By Nick Tandavanitj

In 1998, we created our first project available online: Kidnap.

The things that made us: The Red Dot

By Ju Row Farr
Uncle Roy 2

Many of our works have high thresholds to entry: sometimes novel structures or difficult ideas; sometimes ways of using everyday devices just a little ‘off’ from what we mostly use them for.

Pot Luck: Movie Night – October 2022

POT LUCK UPDATE: Due to personal circumstances, we are postponing October’s Pot Luck.

Join our Cat Royale Audience Advisory Panel

Do you love cats, technology or both? Wherever you are in the UK we want to hear from you!
Blast Theory are looking for 15 people to form the Cat Royale Audience Advisory Panel and join us on the journey of making Cat Royale.


Blast Theory, Aarhus 2017.
O Space at Aarhus Harbour and Aarhus Cyklebane.
Photo: Asbjørn Sand

We’re offering three young artists/creatives the opportunity to be mentored by the Blast Theory artists. The positions are available for people aged 16 to 25 living in the Brighton and Portslade area.


Have you ever wanted to work on a film shoot? Test a mobile game? Or work with artists?

We’re looking for a Studio and Production Intern to work with the friendly Blast Theory artists and team.

Pot Luck – August 2022

Wednesday 17th August 6-8pm

There’s a word for it – as Talking Heads once said.

The things that made us: Front of House

By Nick Tandavanitj

Our first project using mobile devices with audiences was Uncle Roy All Around You in 2003.

The things that made us: A tech run with no tech

By Ju Row Farr
Performers Nikki Jewitt and Ju Row Farr

In 1992 we made Chemical Wedding, our second piece of work.

Cat Royale

A utopia where cats live in harmony with artificial intelligence.

The things that made us: the pre-mortem

By Matt Adams
words on a whiteboard that describe all the risks for the art project

We often make risky projects.

The World Reimagined: Rodell Warner

This week Blast Theory welcomes Caribbean Artist Rodell Warner into the studio.

Short Periods Of Structured Nothingness returns

Short Periods of Structured Nothingness

We’ve been re-listening to the phone calls that make up Short Periods Of Structured Nothingness in preparation for a fresh outing later this month.

The things that made us: spontaneous participation

By Ju Row Farr

Disobedient participants, or rather people who find their own way into our work, have become a strength of some of our work: a heart that is largely invisible to the outside, which we cherish greatly.

The things that made us: learning to back it up

By Nick Tandavanitj

After an early incident where the first year and a half of all of Blast Theory’s files were accidentally deleted in an Amstrad floppy drive, we thought that for a long time we had our shit together with archiving and backups.

When you kidnap two people you better explain yourself

As part of our 30th birthday celebrations, we’ve made a little documentary about what happened and why we did it.

Pot Luck – April 2022

It’s On. The next Pot Luck.

And this one is all about image-making!

Remote Residency: Georgia Banks

A billboard installed on top of a building depicts a smiling blonde woman holding a rose. Behind her is a pink and orange sunset, palm trees, and blue water. A gold logo read ‘Georgia Banks in Remains To Be Seen’

We are delighted to have Georgia Banks as our latest and last remote resident.

Jamie Iddon, 1975-2022

We are bitterly sad to share that Jamie Iddon has died at the age of 46.

The things that made us: Kidnap

By Matt Adams

We kidnapped two people in 1998.

Apply now: free studio space

We’re offering free space to work in the Blast Theory studios for local artists and makers in 2022.

Blast Theory at 30: How we started

By Matt Adams

When you’re young you occasionally take unwise risks and we were no exception.

Our ‘nerve-shredding’ online experience heads to Cooper Hewitt, New York

View of a dark hotel corridor. It is a miniature model of The Metropole Hotel. A white arrow in the distance points right to a door. The text above the arrow reads Room 938. At the bottom of the image a round button reads 'Choose Room 938. To the left an arrow reads '904' to the right an arrow reads '925'

Take part now

Our online experience, A Cluster of 17 Cases: Online, returns as part of Design and Healing: Creative Responses to Epidemics, Cooper Hewitt’s latest exhibition in New York.

Blast Theory turns 30

By Matt Adams
Gunmen Kill Three

So, Blast Theory is 30 years old.

Rider Spoke returns to Adelaide in 2022

After 13 years, Rider Spoke is returning to Australia.

Update: Residency Programme

20 Wellington Road studios

Because of all that has been happening in the world in the last two years, we will not be doing a call-out for our Residency Programme this December.

Creative Fortnight: Week Two

By Ju Row Farr

We looked at quite a lot last week – still focusing on Cat Royale but also, more generally, what we enjoy or not creatively, and the platforms and spaces we may want to work in in the future.

Creative Fortnight: Week One

By Ju Row Farr


The creative fortnight is something we three artists try to do at least every year.

Gift heads to COP26

Close up of a child wearing glasses and large headphones, holding a mobile phone. The light from the screen glows on their face.

As part of COP26 – the UN Climate Change conference in Glasgow – UKRI will feature Gift as an example of interdisciplinary innovation.

Apply now: Junior React Developer

Promotional image for Desert Rain (1999). A white woman standing in a big parka coat. Behind them is a projector featuring a image of a desert. CGI numbers overlay the image.

We’re looking for two talented freelance Junior React Developers to work with our artists, coders and designers. As Junior React Developer, you will work with the Blast Theory artists to implement design ideas as React interfaces. Working alongside Blast Theory’s Software Lead, you will specify, build and deploy a prototype React application.

Want the chance to win a £100 gift voucher of your choice?

Yellow square with black text that reads in capital letters: we're giving away a £100 gift voucher. And you get to choose how to spend it. Fancy winner? Complete our audience survey now.

We’re keen to get to know our fans and followers better, and improve how we communicate with you.

Can autonomous systems be trusted?

Blast Theory artist Nick, wearing a mask, hat, shirt and trousers, stands cross-armed next to a human-sized white robot with human facial features, arms and a circular body.

Blast Theory will take a leading role in the Creative Programme of the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub (TAS). We are the ambassadorial lead partner, helping to curate the programme and delivering a flagship new work to launch it.

Apply now: two new Kickstart placements

Volunteer Oscar. Displaying activity that Kickstart Placements will do.

Ever wanted to work on a film shoot? Test a mobile game? Or work with artists? We’ve been offering a series of Kickstart placements this year for 18-24-year-olds to start a career in the arts.

Pot Luck Returns

Artist Ju is wearing a camouflage jacket with a black and white abstract top underneath. She is holding a plant pot on top of her head and is staring off into the distance.

Pot Luck is Blast Theory’s social event for local makers and creative people to meet and make something with other like-minded folk. 

Join us in the flesh at the studios, 6-8pm on Tuesday 24th August.

Rider Spoke returns for autumn 2021 tour

Photo: Alex Kershaw

Photo: Alex Kershaw

Rider Spoke continues to tour the UK and beyond in 2021/22.

Software testing and accessibility: a resource by Blast Theory

A white person in an electric wheelchair wearing a black face mask, black top and grey beanie hat looks down at a smartphone mounted on their chair, with their right hand holding headphones to one ear.



Last year, we decided to redevelop Rider Spoke from scratch (the first version was made before smartphones existed).

New collaboration with Manchester Street Poem

Seven Manchester Street Poem members are sitting in a large industrial space, looking at artist Nick Tandavanitj and Associate Artist Niki Woods. Artists Ju Row Farr and Matt Adams are visible on a large screen.

We’re super excited to announce that we’re working with the epic folks at Manchester Street Poem.

Free studio space at our studios in Portslade this summer

Evening view from the terrace at 20 Wellington Road

We have studio space available for local artists and practitioners for a four week period between 19th July and 14th August.

Matt joins IN SITU as an Associate Artist

We’re excited to announce that artist Matt Adams has been selected as an Associate Artist for IN SITU, the pan-European network for public art.

Try a nerve-shredding online tour

We’re delighted that our new version of A Cluster of 17 Cases is now online as part of the Contagion exhibition at Science Gallery Bengaluru in India.

New short films

Image L-R: Behind the scenes on Bloodyminded; Roy Sellstrom; Steve Cottam

On Thursday 22nd April, Blast Theory premiered three new short films that explore the effects of violence in army life, as told by veterans in their own words.

Book now for Rider Spoke in Spring/Summer 2021

Photo: Alex Kershaw

Photo: Alex Kershaw

We’re excited to announce that Rider Spoke will be shown at a number of amazing places over the coming spring and summer months.

2097: We Made Ourselves Over featured in exhibition The Force of Fantasy

2097 film still

The Force of Fantasy – a new exhibition at SEAS – Socially Engaged Art Salon Brighton, opened on Friday 19th March.

Captions users – test a new interactive artwork

A woman in her 30s smiling in a cycling helmet standing over her bicycle, which has a digital tablet on the handlebars

We’re looking for people with a hearing impairment that use captions to help test a new interactive artwork.

Work with us

Spit Spreads Death: The Parade

We’re expanding our pool of creative freelancers. You can be at any stage in your career. Get in touch by 6 Jan. Read more on how to apply.

Blast Theory leads Festival UK* 2022 Creative Team

People power: The Thing I’ll Be Doing For The Rest Of My Life, Japan 2013

From a field of 299 applications, Blast Theory’s Creative Team was one of 30 selected for the R&D phase of Festival UK* 2022.

Karen featured in Impact Festival

Karen will be profiled by Impact festival, organised by Théâtre de Liège this month.

Rider Spoke in redevelopment

We’re excitedly preparing for a new version of one of our favourite Blast Theory works.

Take part in accessibility testing

A woman in the city at night is about to record a message on a headset

This year we’re redeveloping one of our most celebrated works and we need your help to test out the new version.

Support for artists: Mentoring and virtual residencies

By Guest Blogger
A still from the performance of Circles Of Fire: The Amphitheatre. Image courtesy of the artist.


Karen's back in the app store

Actress Claire Cage

Interactive storytelling in Karen. Read more.

Virtual Museum: Gift opens in Germany

museum and galleries app Gift

Digital gifting to help those unable to visit public spaces. Read more.

What we’re doing: Equality Action Plan 2020-22

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement we have reviewed our equality action plan, with a commitment for it to always be publicly visible and available for scrutiny and comment.

Artists Talk: ArtScience Museum

Taking a look at the intersection of art, science and technology in our recent work on infectious diseases. Find out more.

Blast Theory takes Gold in AAM Media & Technology Awards

Spit Spreads Death: The Parade

‘Spit Spreads Death: The Parade’ wins first prize for ‘Video, Film, Animation, & Live Media Or Digital Performance’.

Black Lives Matter: Immediate Actions

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement we have reviewed our work on racism and inequality, and agreed upon three immediate actions we will take to try and improve our own practices, and the impact we can have on the experiences of others we interact with. Our goal with these three actions is to be practical, specific and nuanced. Read more.

Opening of Contagious!

A Cluster of 17 Cases

A Cluster of 17 Cases will be part of a new exhibition examining the history of infectious diseases and their effects on people’s lives up to today’s Coronavirus.

Online exclusive: Watch our Spit Spreads Death film

Spit Spreads Death: The Parade

This month the full Spit Spreads Death: Parade film is available to watch online for the first time.

BLOG: Pandemics and Public Health

By Guest Blogger
Pandemics and Public Health

Watch:  WHO expert Dr Mike Ryan is leading the fight against COVID-19

12th March 2020

In the current climate of fear and uncertainty around COVID-19 and the misinformation and fake news which can distort our understanding of the spread of the virus, we wanted to share our work on infectious disease, in the hope that it can offer some insight into past cases of infection; the way public health officials respond and the personal stories at the heart of such tragedies.

Welcome to our first resident artist of 2020

Image courtesy of the artist

Samra Mayanja is a Leeds based artist working in film and performance. 

Don’t be afraid of the label

By Guest Blogger
Artist James Shreeve

Plastic Tiger Factory: James Shreeve

While 2019 felt like a tough year across the globe, one thing that filled us with pure joy was having James Shreeve intern with us for three months.

Gift hits Belgrade for #PlayUK

Gift PlayUK Belgrade

Gift is at the Museum of Applied Art from 23 January – 30 September 2020. Find out more.

Blast Theory at Barcelona's CCCB

Gameplay CCCB Rider Spoke (2007)

‘Rider Spoke’ will be exhibited at Barcelona’s iconic Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona until May 2020 for #GameplayCCCB. Read more.

Watch the parade film

Spit Spreads Death: The Parade

Over four hundred people walked in the parade to honour the thousands who died in the 1918-19 flu pandemic. Now open at Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum.

Explore our work on infectious diseases

A woman with pink hair looks at a model of a hotel room made from metal

17 unsuspecting people checked in to the 9th floor of the Metropole Hotel on the night of 21st February 2003.