News/January 2023

This month Blast Theory welcomed Icelandic artist Sigrún Gyða to the studio.

During her 10-week residency, supported by the Creative Industries Funds NL, Sigrún will develop Skjóta, a new interactive opera examining the concept of ‘halftime’ in football. In Skjóta, a football game becomes a metaphor for a person’s lifespan and its jeopardy. During her residency, Sigrún will work closely with the Blast Theory artists to explore interactivity and carry out research at matches and local archives.

Sigrún Gyða (b. 1993, Reykjavík) is a filmmaker, classical singer, composer and visual artist. Her practice seeks to capture the performative self as a mythical mode to reflect on femininity, body labour and time. Sigrún’s work focuses on different social groups, cultures and classes where it takes shape in either an installation, film or a composition. Sigrún lives and works in Reykjavík and Amsterdam where she graduated with a MA in fine arts and design in 2021 from Sandberg Instituut. She has also completed a professional level in classical singing and music studies as well as a BA in fine arts from Iceland University of the arts.