News/October 2023

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We are very proud to announce a great opportunity for emerging artists.

In March 2022 our dear friend and former artist in Blast Theory Jamie Iddon died.

One of Jamie’s last wishes was to help artists trying to get started. He knew from first hand experience how tough it is to make work while juggling rent, debts and daily living expenses.

Jamie and his wife Mellie Pottle Iddon have donated money to create four awards. These are aimed at recent graduates or artists early in their career – of any age – who show amazing potential and who need a leg up.

So here it is.

We are looking to support artists or artist groups currently living in the UK with a grant of £3,000 each.

You will use the money to make a new piece of work to be shown to the public. It can be small or large: a work-in-progress, a prototype or demonstration, or a website, for example.

We are interested in work that is urgent, committed and skilful. It can be funny or serious, quick or slow. We expect competition for the fund to be intense: we will prioritise a clear expression of a strong artistic idea and an approach to delivering it. You do not need to have any formal education to qualify.

Jamie was from Bolton and studied Performance at De Monfort University in Leicester. He was funny, a great dancer and adored his family. He served in the RAF and as a paramedic in the NHS. He was rigorous in his approach to processes and methods, with a very fine attention to detail. If any of these qualities and concerns apply to you, please tell us about them in your application.

Blast Theory can also offer extra support to develop your project. If this could help you, tell us what you need. For example it might be:

  • an initial conversation about your project
  • ongoing mentoring
  • access to equipment or space
  • artistic or technical expertise that Blast Theory might have

Areas of eligible work

We’re looking for artists working in any of:

  • Theatre, live art or performance
  • Interactive, immersive or participatory work
  • Site-specific work
  • Work presented online or distributed digitally
  • Hybrid or mixed reality work
  • Work that is socially engaged

Key dates:

  • Application deadline: 10am, 6 November 2023
  • Interviews: Thursday 16 November 2023 (on Zoom)
  • Awardees will be announced by 1 December 2023
  • Projects need to be finished/presented by 31 December 2024

We are a small team and we will not be able to offer feedback on unsuccessful applications.

How to apply:

  • Please email a copy of your CV and a statement (no more than 750 words) outlining why you should receive the Jamie Iddon Award to [email protected]
  • If you’d like to apply in an alternative format (for example, by video, audio, or over the phone), please email [email protected] to discuss your specific needs.
  • Your statement should cover the following areas:
    • Your project idea
    • Why it’s important that your project happens
    • How the work will be shown to the public
    • Your practice
    • Why Blast Theory and the Jamie Iddon Award are a good fit for you at this time
    • Any ideas for how Blast Theory could offer extra support with your project
  • We will need you to complete this simple monitoring survey which is anonymous and not read with your application. This helps us measure who we are reaching.

New to applications?

Don’t worry if you’ve never done an application before. We are looking for strong ideas and interesting artists, so please apply even if it’s your first time. Here are a couple of tips to help you:

  • Please read the above text carefully and make sure you have covered all the required areas in your application.
  • Explain your project idea in clear, simple language. Before you submit, why not ask someone who is not familiar with your work to read your application and explain it back to you?

By receiving the award, you agree to inform Jamie’s immediate family of the work you make; and to honour support received from the Jamie Iddon Award in your CV/public biography.

We will ask for documentation of the public presentation to share with Jamie’s family and on Blast Theory’s social media channels.

You won’t have to submit any reports but we will check in with you at the mid point and upon completion of your project to see how you’re doing and what impact the award has had.

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