News/February 2023

OBS Studio Technician (up to 4 days, up to £800 + VAT)

Vision Mixer (14 days, £2,800 + VAT)

Are you into tech, cats or both? 

Blast Theory is a company that makes interactive art: we turn websites and mobile apps into thrilling entertainment experiences; create feature films where actors and stories respond to you in real time; design events where your phone guides you on real-life adventures through the city; and make mobile games that invite you to reimagine yourself and your future. We’ve been nominated for four BAFTAs and won the Golden Nica at Prix Ars Electronica and the Nam June Paik Arts Center Award.

We have two freelance opportunities to work on one of our most ambitious projects yet. Cat Royale explores the impact of AI on animals and features three cats living in a utopia created by the artists. The work will premiere as a delayed livestream at the World Science Festival in Brisbane on 22 March 2023. You can read more about Blast Theory, and Cat Royale, below.

OBS Studio Technician

Person description

We’re looking for a person with technical expertise in setting up multi-camera live streams and software vision mixing, in particular, using OBS Studio. You should have experience of running OBS Studio on macOS with a detailed knowledge of OBS output settings for creating high quality streams and stream recordings on Apple hardware. You should be familiar with designing complex scene set-ups for mixing and recording multiple sources. You ideally have experience of using OBS in a professional context, using OBS plug-ins such as ‘Automatic Scene Switcher’ for automating vision mixing, and have created systems for handling media and back-ups in the context of multi-camera live streams. 

Job description

This role is to provide technical consultation for up to 4 days in March. You will be asked to input on the design of a multi-camera system (including hardware and software) to mix and record camera feeds, graphics and output from OBS studio. You will provide detailed, hands-on advice on the OBS Studio set-up and on settings to optimise the quality of recordings, simplify vision mixing operation, and ensure that systems are in place for backing up multiple camera feeds.

Vision Mixer

Person description

We are looking for a person with experience in vision mixing for multi-camera live events, ideally in a professional context. You may have a background in editing, videography or cinematography, but should ideally have a good working knowledge of using OBS Studio or other vision mixing software. 

Job description

You will be a vision mixer for an art event running over 12 days for up to 6 hours per day. Under the supervision of Blast Theory’s artists, you will be responsible for mixing graphics, audio and video from eight cameras to create a live stream (and recording) of the event each day. You will work closely with the project’s technical lead to ensure that systems for recording and streaming are running correctly, and liaise with the project’s DIT to ensure media is backed up at the end of each day.

Key dates and information

  • Apply by 10am on Wednesday 22nd February
  • Interviews on 27th and 28th February
  • OBS Studio Technician fee: up to £800 + VAT
  • Vision Mixer fee: £2,800 + VAT
  • OBS Studio Technician working days: 4 days in March (to be agreed)
  • Vision Mixer working days: 18th – 31st March
  • Both posts are based at the Blast Theory studio, 20 Wellington Road, Portslade

Equal opportunities

We’re an equal opportunities employer and encourage applications from people who are less represented in our sector: particularly people of colour, those with disabilities (including ‘invisible’ disabilities such as dyslexia or autism), and people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

How to apply

Click here to complete an application form for the OBS Studio Technician opportunity.

Click here to complete an application form for the Vision Mixer opportunity. 

The application form has the following sections:

Part 1 – Online – About You

Answer a few simple questions including your name, email address and phone number in the online form.

Upload a recent copy of your CV. This should be 2 pages max.

Please answer all questions as fully as you can.

Part 2 – Online, Video or Audio

Please answer the following questions in written form or in a video or audio recording. If making an application by phone suits you better, please contact [email protected].

  1. Tell us why you would like to work on Cat Royale.
  2. Tell us why you are suitable for this opportunity.
  3. Tell us about two previous projects you have worked on (please include links where possible).

Applying with a video or audio file

You can record the video or audio on your phone: we are not expecting snazzy production values. Your video or audio file can be up to 5 minutes long. Start your application by filling in the online survey about you and submit your video or audio file after.

Part 3 – Online

To finish your application, please complete the Equal Opportunities Monitoring form.

About Cat Royale

Cat Royale is a utopia where cats live in harmony with artificial intelligence.

Cats will live inside a utopia created by the artists. The cats’ every need will be catered for, with spaces for playing and socialising, and spaces that are relaxing and private. They will have walkways, cubbyholes and raised viewing platforms.

And at the centre of the room will be a robot arm and a computer vision system offering activities to make the cats happier. The system may throw a ball, dangle a feather or offer a massage.

To ensure the comfort and safety of the cats, experts in animal welfare have been involved in the design of the project from the start and will guide us at each stage.

The computer vision system will try to measure the happiness of the cats and learn how to make them happier.

Cat Royale will be presented as a delayed livestream to audiences at the World Science Festival in Brisbane. Filming will start in the UK on 20th March.

About Blast Theory

The variety of experience at Blast Theory is unmatched. We’ve built systems to make phone boxes ring in Hull, made Europe’s first interactive feature film, participated in parades in the USA, and worked on a very unconventional life-coaching app. It’s a supportive and thrilling environment to develop in as we work together on creative solutions to novel problems of our own making.” – Michael Kane, Software Lead

Blast Theory make interactive art to explore social and political questions. The group’s work places the public at the centre of unusual and sometimes unsettling experiences, to create new perspectives and open up the possibility of change.

Led by Matt Adams, Ju Row Farr and Nick Tandavanitj, the group draw on popular culture and new technologies to make performances, games, films, apps and installations.

Blast Theory have shown work at the Venice Biennale, Tribeca Film Festival, ICC in Tokyo, Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin, the Barbican and Tate Britain. Commissioners include Channel 4, Sundance Film Festival and the Royal Opera House.

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