What is the alternative to screen-based maps?

Watch this interview with former resident Rachel Henson to hear about her development of a touch-based tool to guide a solo walker.

Blast Theory lands in Indonesia

Carpark in Toronto

Artist Nick Tandavanitij will be in Indonesia form the 29th February – 12th March discussing digital technology with Indonesian artists.

Why we are making Operation Black Antler

By Matt Adams

We have just launched our next project, Operation Black Antler – an immersive theatre work in which members of the public are invited to go undercover at a protest meeting.

Blast Theory will be playing in Lagos in March

Toronto street junction

Artist Ju will be one of 10 creatives to take part in Playable City 2016 in Lagos.

Blast Theory 25 Years

By Ju Row Farr


Blast Theory will be exactly 25 on the 10th April this year.

A Place Free of Judgement

Grasses photographed in Buffalo

We are delighted to announce that we will be working with six library services in the West Midlands to make A Place Free of Judgement in 2016.

Welcome to our new resident Jessica Harneyford

Resident Jessica Harneyford. Image © Tagxedo

Jessica’s writing explores the blurred boundaries between humans and machines.

Storytelling in the Digital Age

A performer poses with the camera rig

Artist Matt Adams will be leading a three-day masterclass in Copenhagen from the 14th – 16th February 2016

How to make your own tools

By Guest Blogger

– a guest blog by Rachel Henson

I like finding ways through an unfamiliar place.

A little bit about workshops


Artist Ju Row Farr reflects on the importance of holding and taking part in creative workshops in her latest blog post.