News/August 2023

Join Ray Adams Row Farr as she hosts a unique Pot Luck Takeover on Wednesday 6 September.

6-8pm, Wednesday 6 September

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What’s the relationship between art, images and evidence? A Practical Introduction to Open Source Investigation in Human Rights

From war photography to comic book strips, how do we interpret images and use them as evidence?

Open source investigation is the process of verifying facts about a photo or video, transforming an image into a piece of evidence that can stand up in international criminal court.

Drawing on Ray Adams Row Farr’s experience as an open source investigator for Amnesty International, this talk and workshop will dive into the process of transforming images into evidence in a human rights context. You’ll learn what open source investigation is and how it works, as well as its ethics and limitations. Then we’ll open it up to think about the role of images as evidence more broadly, comparing the disciplines of History of Art and Open Source Investigation to see what can be learnt.


After a short talk you’ll get hands-on, learning the detective-like process of geolocation: identifying the location where a photo or video was captured using clues in the image and research online.

We’ll bring it all together by reflecting on how you engaged with images during this practical exercise.

About Pot Luck

Aimed at people who are early on in their careers, Pot Luck is a chance to network, make new friends and discuss your work, or an idea for a work. We will offer you support in whatever way we can to help you advance your creative practice and yourself as a maker.

Pot Luck is based on the Potlatch, a North American indigenous communal meal or gathering, where everyone brings something they can contribute to the meal or to give away.

There will be something to take away with opportunities, courses and tools for you to look at later!