News/August 2020
museum and galleries app Gift

We’re thrilled that more museums and galleries are choosing Gift as a way of giving people the chance to experience art and culture from home.

Badisches Landesmuseum in Germany is launching Gift in September as an immediate solution to the current COVID-19 restrictions on visiting public spaces:


Gift is a rapid response to the new reality. In times of Corona it is not possible to come to the museum in large groups and some people are not even allowed to leave their house. Maybe you have grandparents, grandchildren or other special people that you would like to take with you but currently cannot?


Gift enables you to let them take part in your visit and share your thoughts. They can look at your present at home or come to the museum themselves later and enjoy the tour that you have put together for them.


With Gift you can use museum objects to talk about topics that are important to you. Would you like to give someone comfort or hope, or reflect on current topics? Take a look around our collections and find objects that go with them.


Gift was first developed in 2017, as a way to send a personally curated museum or gallery experience to someone you care about via your mobile phone.


The open source platform

Developed over three years through a series of public prototypes hosted at Brighton Museum, Gift evolved with the help of insights from the public and from working with the team at Brighton Museum.

The software used for Gift was designed to provide a lightweight platform for museums to offer thoughtful, shareable and persistent digital experiences with their collections.


The platform is open source and available to use and extend for free or with support from Blast Theory. Get the code from Gitlab or read our information pack to learn more about hosting Gift.

Learn more about Gift on our project page or visit the Badisches Landesmuseum website to find out more about trying Gift in Germany.