News/January 2023

Cat Royale gets its world premiere this March at the World Science Festival in Brisbane.

Presented as part of the World Science Festival’s Curiocity Brisbane 2023 programme – a celebration of science, art and tech, where new possibilities play and big ideas collide – Cat Royale will be streamed every day from 22 March – 2 April 2023, at Queen Street Mall in Brisbane. The 12-hour stream (8 am – 8 pm, AEST) will feature the three cats as they go about their day, eating, playing and exploring, as a dedicated Artificial Intelligence system watches them, learns what they like best, and controls a robot arm that offers a massage, throws a ball or dangles a feather to increase the happiness of the cats.

For audiences across the UK, we’ll be bringing you highlight videos throughout the experience at Brisbane. And later this year a film installation version of Cat Royale will be presented in London and Cardiff.