Artist James Shreeve

(UK) August – November 2019

About James

James, an autistic artist works under pseudonyms which often involve stripy big cats fused with a science fiction motif which permutes through to his artistic practice, with twin obsessions of patterns and narrative encapsulating his work. The art that is often produced utilises a range of traditional and digital tools, from simple ballpoint pens to thick paint markers.

In 2014 James graduated with an MA in Digital Media Arts but has also obtained a BA in English Language & Media with supplementary modules including photography, journalism and video game studies.

Why Blast Theory?

While studying for a Masters in Digital Media Arts we learnt about Blast Theory and from then they have always been the organisation that set the benchmark for me. Working for such an auspicious art group will enable me to bring my story as a professional artist. For me, the decision was preordained, it’s the culmination of my degree and will enable me to progress.

Other information

James not only uses artwork for therapeutic expression but as a way to relate with and decode the world around him. He has a cat with thumbs whom “helps” with the artwork he creates. You can follow his artistic work here.