(UK) November – December 2016

About Jack

Jack is a recent MA graduate in Cities and Cultures from Queen Mary University of London, having previously read Geography at the University of Cambridge.

He is a cultural geographer whose research engages with interactive art to investigate the processes that make places meaningful. His recent Masters dissertation explored how a sense of place is crafted in video game worlds by interviewing game developers and playing through their creations. Navigating the intersections between academia and art, his work has interrogated the boundaries of creative practice, technology and public space through activities as diverse as busking, geocaching and exhibition design.

Enthusiastic about playful art outside formal study, Jack is a dedicated contributor for Keep Streets Live, who advocate for freedom of artistic expression in public spaces.

He is also a self-taught musician, prolific geocacher and lover of ‘walking simulator’ video games. And last but not least, he can name all 196 countries in under 10 minutes.