News/December 2016

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum in Geneva has won Silver in the interactive multimedia category from F@IMP 2.0 (The Festival of Audiovisual International Multimedia Patrimony), organised by AVICOM, for Hurricane, an interactive game developed by Blast Theory.

Hurricane is a collaborative game where up to 25 players work together around a circular touch sensitive table to prepare their island for an incoming hurricane. Players must choose the right measures at the right time and then assemble teams of people to execute them. As the hurricane arrives they must evacuate everyone. And once the storm has passed they reflect on how many lives they saved.

About F@IMP 2.0

The F@IMP 2.0 festival was organized by AVICOM (the International Committee for audiovisual and new technologies for image and sound of the International Council of Museums). The goal of the festival is to highlight and encourage audiovisual production and distribution (films and videos) and multimedia projects (terminals, websites, mobile apps, etc.) for museums and heritage and cultural institutions.

See all the submitted works here.