News/February 2018

Join us in welcoming our first artist in residence for 2018, anti-cool.

During her time as resident, Tomoko (who goes under the name ‘anti-cool’) will be working on a new film that explores themes of borders, human rights and families.

Over the last year anti-cool has recorded over 60 hours of footage, documenting the stories of several British families and couples, separated or disrupted by current immigration policies.

With a background in performance and visual art, she has previously created ‘Esperanto’, a film that aimed to break down hierarchies and borders in our globalised society. Esperanto is a constructed inter-language created solely by one person and is a language that does not belong to any country or ethnicity. She tried to master it in 60 days. The documentation of this learning process was the start of her journey that resulted in the 72 minute film that was launched and screened on Global Screening Day 2017 and was watched live at 16 venues in 5 different countries, including UK, Japan, Canada, Australia and Brazil.

anti-cool will be with us throughout March and April 2018.

Keep an eye out for further announcements and updates on her work.

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