News/July 2014
Photo of Anne Rupert

We are thrilled to welcome our new volunteer Anne Rupert, who will be working with us on a part-time basis until October helping us to research and deliver new funding initiatives as part of the Catalyst scheme.

Anne is originally from the Netherlands and studied English Literature at the University of York. After her Master’s degree, she spent 10 years working for a large housing group, eventually managing their business planning process.

Anne had always wanted to work in a more creative environment but not knowing exactly what she wanted to do withheld her from seeking an alternative career. In April 2014, she therefore started a six-month career break.

During her break, Anne is doing unpaid work to develop her skills and gain inspiration for her next move. So far, she has volunteered for Brighton Festival and is also working on an EU-funded project to help bands book tours and gigs across Europe.