Anita Bacic’s practice focuses on explorations of media old and new, with a focus on interactive experiences. She is increasingly drawn to exploring location-based works in public space mediated by mobile smart technology or by mediating and performing in her street-based “mobile obscura” works.

While at Blast Theory I will be researching a project that will continue my explorations of location-based experiences, physical space and place, migrant experiences and memory, resulting in a final participatory work that will connect Australian Croatian immigrants with the town of Blato on Korcula Island in Croatia.

The walk will explore digital networks via video and audio, plus explorations of place, memory of place, oral storytelling, and sharing of personal site-specific stories between two willing participants, one in Blato Croatia, and the other in Australia. Using walking, interventions in the built environment and networks delivering instructions I will connect one specific place to another place on the other side of the world simultaneously.