(UK) March – April 2019

About Lizzie

Lizzie is a film student at the University of Brighton, looking forward to starting work in the film industry. Lizzie loves the excitement of working on set, but is particularly passionate about thematic storytelling and emotionally creative characters. She is particularly interested in script development and pre production.

Why Blast Theory?

Last year I was lucky enough to work as a runner on Bloodyminded. It was a really great, fun experience, and I learned a huge amount about the film industry and where I want to fit into it.

I appreciate Blast Theory’s socially and politically engaged ethos, as well as the desire to push the development of interactive and ‘new’ media through art. I also think it is important to encourage audience interaction, especially with the voices of those that might not be heard in traditional cinema. This especially is something I am very invested in – I am not an expert in interactive media, video games, VR etc, but I am committed to working in any area that can connect an audience with political ideas and improve representation on screen for minority audiences,