A young, mixed race (black Caribbean and white British) woman with long red braids. She is wearing a shiny black PVC trench coat. Standing crossed armed on the street. She is looking directly into the camera.

Photo by Daniel Oyegade

Studio and Production Assistant

Macy is a newcomer to Brighton. Previously working and studying in Manchester, where she obtained a BA in Filmmaking from Manchester School of Art, she is interning at Blast Theory as a Studio Production Assistant.

Macy works across documentary, music video & experimental film, often orbiting the themes of memory, belonging and environments in her work. Her practice seeks to emulate the sensation of travelling by transporting audiences to unfamiliar territories and shifting perspectives from the internal to the interconnected.

She is currently interested in exploring ways that individuals and communities archive themselves throughout time using new and ancient technologies.

She has previously worked with Pulse Films, Empress Films, Factory International and the Southbank Gallery amongst others. Macy is also one of the 60 black British filmmakers selected for the 2023/24 cohort of Momentum (led by We Are Parable in partnership with Channel 4 and Sony).

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