Karen looking in mirror

Karen is exhibiting as part of Taiwan Contemporary Culture Laboratory (C-LAB)’s ambitious exhibition City Flip-Flop until 8th December 2019.

The exhibition presents C-LAB as a simulated micro-city, showing shockwaves, dissolution, and regeneration through the giant wheel of time. With the year 2020 rapidly approaching, we revisit the 1920s, a critical period in Taiwan’s progress of modernisation, and as we learn from the past and look to the future, we explore how to conduct cultural experiments in the city and for the experiments to evoke impact. City Flip-Flop presents the following three sub-categories, “Multiplex”, “Stained”, and “Circulation”, as departure points for observations and investigations.

We will be exhibiting Karen as part of the ‘Multiplex’ strand alongside the following artists: Torlarp Larpjaroensook, Vvzela Kook, Li Cheng-Liang, Paul Gong, Chang Li-Ren, former Blast Theory resident artist Ting-Tong Chang, Tsui Kuang-Yu, Kuo I-Chen, Jung Yeondoo, House Peace, Su Hui-Yu, and Ku Kuang-Yi.

Watch the trailer for the exhibition here and read more on C-Lab’s website here.