Where were you in 1997?

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A performer interviewing a member of the public in Safehouse

“It’s not ‘natural’ to speak well, eloquently, in an interesting, articulate way. People living in groups, families, communes say little – have few verbal means. Eloquence – thinking in words – is a byproduct of solitude, deracination, a heightened painful individuality. In groups, it’s more natural to sing, to dance, to pray: given, rather than… Read more »

Holding audiences to account

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A woman in the city at night is about to record a message on a headset

“Questions and answers depend on a game – a game that is at once pleasant and difficult – in which each of the two partners takes pains to use only the rights given him by the other and by the accepted form of dialogue. The polemicist, on the other hand, proceeds encased in privileges that… Read more »

I could ask you anything

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Ju has been at the heart of Blast Theory since the very beginning, so with Ju’s move to creating work independently, it seemed like a good time to think about how Blast Theory ticks. And from my perspective, what will be the shape of the Ju-shaped-hole that she is about to leave behind? Since I’ve… Read more »

The things that made us: Streaming

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In 1998, we created our first project available online: Kidnap. We had the challenge of making an experience for audiences where only two people – the winners of the lottery who would be kidnapped – would experience the work in person. Our answer was to set up a website with a live video stream from a… Read more »

Blog: How we created GIFT – making noise in museums

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Creating a virtual museum: digital gifting app Gift

Stepping into the main gallery at Brighton Museum is like entering an oasis of calm. Couples talk in low voices as they pull open drawers and peer into cabinets. Teenagers whisper to their classmates to ask what they’re supposed to do here. Grandparents distract children with centuries worth of artefacts from the museum’s peculiar assembly… Read more »

Everybody Is Perfect

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Here’s a few images from my whirlwind introduction to Indonesia courtesy of the British Council. Alongside a group of seven from the UK, I travelled from the megacity of Jakarta to Yogyakarta to present some of Blast Theory’s projects and meet artists working with digital media, then to a short residency in the village of Jatiwangi and finally to Bandung… Read more »