News/February 2017

In June 2015, we went live with My One Demand over three continuous nights in Toronto. My One Demand follows seven characters travelling across Toronto in an interactive film about unrequited love.

Faisal Butt

Filmed in a single continuous shot, it was streamed live online and to a cinema in Toronto. As you watched, you could interact in real time on your mobile in the cinema or on your computer from anywhere.

Over the course of a single sunset, as the shadows lengthen, we take a slice through Toronto.

Three clips from the film have been shared on NOWNESS a global video channel screening the best in culture and storytelling.

Clip 1

The narrator, Maggie Huculak, introduces us to Gia Nahmens and her baby Max as they emerge from Toronto General Hospital. Gia was the first person Maggie met when she arrived at the Occupy protest.

At the live event, the film was already rolling as the audience entered the cinema, and the crew completed their final preparations before the visual journey began.

Clip 2

In this second part, Maggie loses protestor Faisal Butt for a couple of minutes on Parliament Street, then she reminisces about her past. Maggie tries to put her thumb on why the Occupy protests in St James Park felt so special.

Clip 3

In this third part, Maggie is following Julian Richings, who was the last protester to leave St James Park where the Occupy protests took place. Julian has just packed up his camp on some waste ground in the Don Valley and is heading for a rendezvous with fellow protester Clare Coulter.

In 2017, Woody Harrelson (Cheers, Natural Born Killers, True Detective) directed Lost In London – a live-streamed single-shot film across London.

We’ve very happy to see further explorations of this form and we can’t wait to have another shot at it too.