News/August 2014
Joe Ryan, image courtesy of the artist

Welcome Joe Ryan, our new Artist in Residence.

Joe Ryan is a game designer based in Bristol, UK. Having designed both video games and interactive performances, he is now exploring ways in which narrative and player decisions can create meaningful and immersive experiences.

Having recently finished a Nesta funded mobile app project that promoted dance in unusual places with Pavilion Dance South West, Mobile Pie and the University of the West of England, he is now looking to develop two different mobile projects over the course of the residency.

The first is an experimental and fun street game that uses a number of mobile phone technologies. With a narrative of illicit drug distribution, players must prove they have what it takes to climb the criminal hierarchy.

The second project is a virtual reality controller that uses technology found in most smart phones to track motion.  Using a combination of a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetic compass he is looking to quickly develop the software that will fit in the control device.

We are really excited to find out more about his projects and our volunteer Matias will be interviewing him later this month to share his progress with you.