Niki Woods

Niki studied Performance at De Montfort University, Leicester where she met Blast Theory and worked with them on a student project called The Gilt Remake.

Since then Niki has worked and collaborated on projects such as Kidnap, 10 Backwards, Desert Rain, Uncle Roy All Around You, Can You See Me Now?, Day of the Figurines, Ulrike And Eamon Compliant and the more recent I’d Hide You.

Niki has toured nationally and internationally with Blast Theory, Plane Performance and Reckless Sleepers and has collaborated with various artists for conferences, festivals and symposiums.

Niki is a long-standing member of Manchester based Plane Performance. Their new project Three Sisters will tour from February 2013.

Niki has developed and collaborated on mobile phone projects for various events and platforms from Manchester’s Larkin’ About to Let’s Go Global.

Niki is a Lecture in Performance at the University of Salford leading the Performance – Contemporary Practices pathway. She is a member of the Performance Research Centre and has recently had an article published in Stimulus Respond entitled Captive and Captivated by Blast Theory’s Kidnap.