One of the young performers from My Neck Of The Woods talks to the camera at home, part of the Digital Voices research project

DIVO: Digital Voices is an EU funded projected, co-ordinated by Blast Theory in collaboration with The Patching Zone (NL) and Translocal (FL).

Digital Voices included workshops, educational projects, public demonstrator projects and publications, and took place between 2011 – 2013.

Digital Voices workshop, associate artists Paul Dungworth and Sheila Ghelani with artist Ju Row Farr

DIVO: Digital Voices unites three European organisations Blast Theory (UK), The Patchingzone (NL) and Translocal (FI) working at the leading edge of digital and interactive media to investigate new ways of working with young people and mobile media. Through research and practical public outcomes, DIVO: Digital Voices provided a platform for meaningful exchange and created opportunities with young people (aged 16-24) from diverse backgrounds. It opened up the potential for the exchange of knowledge and skills between experienced digital media professionals and an emerging generation of digital media makers.

DIVO looked at the possibilities for young people from cultural ‘cold spots’ (areas poorly served by cultural facilities) to tell their own stories via portable and online technologies such as smart phones, mobile phones, tablet and other hand held devices. It enabled them to tell their own stories in their own ways and to communicate with each other directly and immediately. It looked at issues of access and affordability to these forms of technology and how young people connect from different communities and different countries.



Blast Theory

Blast Theory is renowned internationally as one of the most adventurous artists’ groups using interactive media, creating groundbreaking new forms of performance and interactive art that mixes audiences across the internet, live performance and digital broadcasting.

Visit the My Neck Of The Woods website

The Patching Zone

The Patching Zone is an innovation laboratory (NL), which works for socially engaged organisations, educational institutions, local and national politics and the business sector.  Our team of young professionals work together with students, stakeholders, youngsters and experts. This collaborative alliance creates an unusual stream of ideas which can give new and unexpected twists to the process.

Visit the Patching Zone website


Translocal is a Helsinki based production company founded by Finnish media artist Tapio Mäkelä. Its’ current focus is on location based mobile games and experiences that engage local communities in content creation and participatory design. Translocal is also producing residencies, events and consultation in art, design and new media research.

Digital Voices including Are You For Real?, My Neck of The Woods and Vocative Cartography and Cartoplay, were made possible through the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

Digital Voices website

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