Last night I met the team, a wonderful group of people on this independent Mesa, who have signed up to go on a journey into the unknown with Blast Theory with me at the helm.

Everyone has a great wealth of experience and knowledge in many areas from advertising, to research, photography to journalism, semiotics of technology and history, games and performance – to name just a few.

We have a lot in common.

This is how it will work.

They have been specially chosen to fit the project by the lovely Carol from Mesa.

Tonight, Friday, I will present everyone with a sealed envelope – in it will be our mission – what we have to do by Tuesday night.


We have to make something and present it to 100 people.

It cannot be a powerpoint/ keynote presentation.

It can exist just for Tuesday night

I’m just honing the mission now – I will tell you later.


All I will say right now is that I want to do something we’ve never done before.  I want to be a little scared, stretched but not snapped, and to enjoy this privilege – which I am already.


Team pictures to follow – but this is Carol and some tourists up on Oscar Niemeyer’s  Edifício Copan building looking over Sao Paulo




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