It is possible to record alternative versions in different languages, as well as English we have so far performed versions in Germany and Seoul. Please get in touch for more information.

You will be going out onto the streets, making and receiving phonecalls via a mobile phone. The caller will ask you to choose whether you want to be Ulrike or Eamon and will talk to you as if you were that person. You will be given directions during the phonecall and will be asked to make recordings.

About 40 minutes.

You will need to return to the starting point to receive a new phone.

You can always return to the desk whenever you want.

Someone will be watching you and will call you to help get you back on track.

Ulrike Meinhof

Born in 1934, Ulrike Meinhof rose to prominence as a journalist during the 1960s. She became increasingly militant following the shooting of a student at a demonstration against the Shah of Iran in 1967.
She participated in the violent freeing of Andreas Baader from prison in 1970. From then she, Baader and Gudrun Ensslin led the Red Army Faction in a campaign of bank robberies, bombings and shootings until her capture in 1972.
In 1976 she hung herself in prison.

Eamon Collins

Eamon Collins ws born in Northern Ireland in 1954. As a Customs Officer he began to pass information to the IRA in the late 1970s. He joined the Newry branch, planning assassinations before rising to the ‘Nutting Squad’ in charge of internal security.
In 1982 he was arrested and became a supergrass. He later retracted his evidence. Nevertheless many convictions still followed and on his release he was banished to Dublin. In 1999 he was killed near his home.