Rider Spoke is the world’s first interactive game on a bike, it mixes art, theatre and location-based technologies.

The Mixed Reality Lab are part of University of Nottingham  – it is a world famous interdisciplinary computer science and IT research lab, pursuing leading edge research in interactive media and mixed reality.  A dedicated studio facility where computer scientists, psychologists, sociologists, engineers, architects and artists collaborate to explore the potential of mobile and mixed reality technologies to shape everyday life.

IPerG is an Integrated Project funded under the European Commission’s IST Program. IPerG researches both technical and design aspects of pervasive games. The objective of IPerG is to develop infrastructure, tools and methods for pervasive games. The project started on 1 Sept 2004, and has a duration of 42 months. It has a total of 6 MEU funding from the IST Program.

Credit card for deposit.

Bike and helmet if you don’t want to rent.

No, unless that is a legal requirement in your country.

18 years old and over is ideal.

Yes, if you are normally safe to cycle.

You don’t need to bring anything.

As far as you like, as long as you can get back to the start within the hour time slot.

Don’t worry if you are a little bit late, but it is essential you are back within an hour and a half, or you will ruin the game for the next person playing.

You cannot search for anyone by name, but you can search in a particular location if they tell you where they have hidden their recordings.

You have to answer one question to start the game, after that it is up to you.

Do not worry too much, if you do need help getting back, refer to the map under the saddle, if you are still lost call the number.

Call the emergency number on the phone.