Operation Black Antler

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Operation Black Antler by Blast Theory

For 40 years British police officers have been undercover inside protest groups. Scandals such as Wikileaks, the Snowden affair and the revelations about the Special Demonstration Squad show that secret forces within the state have little respect for law. Co-created with critically acclaimed immersive theatre company Hydrocracker, Operation Black Antler seeks to explore this moral… Read more »

Digital Voices

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One of the young performers from My Neck Of The Woods talks to the camera at home, part of the Digital Voices research project

DIVO: Digital Voices unites three European organisations Blast Theory (UK), The Patchingzone (NL) and Translocal (FI) working at the leading edge of digital and interactive media to investigate new ways of working with young people and mobile media. Through research and practical public outcomes, DIVO: Digital Voices provided a platform for meaningful exchange and created… Read more »


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From 2011 to 2013 the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum closed for a major refurbishment with new areas designed by Gringo Cardia, Diébédo Francis Kéré and Shigeru Ban. We were awarded the commission for a game in the Refusing Fatality area designed by Shigeru Ban. The game demonstrates the vital role that the… Read more »

Can You See Me Now?

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A performer in Rotterdam

With up to 100 people playing online at a time, players exchange tactics and send messages to the runners. An audio stream from the runner’s walkie talkies allowed you to eavesdrop on your pursuers: getting lost, cold and out of breath on the streets of the city. Can You See Me Now? was the second… Read more »

Uncle Roy All Around You

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Uncle Roy in the limousine

The city is an arena where the unfamiliar flourishes, where the disjointed and the disrupted are constantly threatening to overwhelm us. It is also a zone of possibility; new encounters. Building on Can You See Me Now? the game investigates some of the social changes brought about by ubiquitous mobile devices, persistent access to a… Read more »

I Like Frank

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Artist Nick Tandavanitj

The game invites players to search for Frank through the streets of Adelaide. Online Players move through a virtual model of the city, opening location specific photos. One photo reveals the location of a hidden object. Online Players then enlist a Street Player to go to that location and retrieve it. In the Exeter Hotel,… Read more »

Day Of The Figurines

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Day Of The Figurines at National Museum of Singapore

The goal of the game is to ‘help other people’ but it is not necessarily clear how to do this. From the Gasometer to Product Barn, the Canal to the Rat Research Institute, up to 1,000 players roam the streets, defining themselves through their interactions. Day Of The Figurines continues Blast Theory’s enquiry into the… Read more »

Prof Tanda’s Guess-A-Ware

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Prof Tanda

Prof appears as a small graphical character. He speaks through speech bubbles; inviting players to respond to instructions, select answers from multiple choice questions or enter text into forms to interact. He combines serious questions with playful ones; showing interest in your opinions about film stars and facial hair as well as energy use. Over… Read more »

You Get Me

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A performer in a children's playground

A description of the work The development of the work was supported by Caitlin Newton Broad who visited a huge range of community groups, colleges and arts organisations in the East End to invite young people to a series of workshops at the Urban Adventure Base over the summer of 2008. Eight people were chosen… Read more »


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Flypad graphic

The work has 11 terminals arranged around the central atrium of the gallery. Each is equipped with a monitor, a motorised pan-tilt camera and a footpad interface in the floor. Visitors create avatars which they’re able to fly around the atrium using the footpad. The camera tracks their position as they fly; crashing into other… Read more »

Desert Rain

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A performer walks through the water projection

Standing on a footplate and zipped into a cubicle, each of the six team members explores motels, deserts and underground bunkers, communicating with each other within the virtual world . . . a world projected onto a screen of falling water. You have 30 minutes to find the target, complete the mission, and get to… Read more »

The Goody Bullet

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The Goody Bullet game table with figurines

To begin you select a small plastic figurine from a purpose built metal table, choosing from names such as Cutty Hugh, Edible Jenks or Meat Buttons. Your figurine is then moved onto the game table and you are given a badge to wear which shows your figurine’s name. As you join the game your character… Read more »

A Machine To See With

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A Machine to See With by Blast Theory

A Machine To See With is a Locative Cinema commission from the Sundance Film Festival, 01 San Jose Biennial and the Banff New Media Institute. It was created between January and September 2010 and premiered in San Jose on 16th September. It is a film where you play the lead. You sign up online and… Read more »

I’d Hide You

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A performer poses with the camera rig

I’d Hide You originates from a research project into Outside Broadcasting funded by the Technology Strategy Board. We worked with London TV company Somethin’ Else and the University of Nottingham to develop a low cost interactive platform for Outside Broadcasting. At the end of the twelve months we wanted to create a simple game that… Read more »